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Our Web Design Process

Custom Website Design 

From scratch, we knead your website to perfection




A brain dump of all of the information that the client understands to be true about their brand thus far and/or their aspirations for their brand 

This is where we do a deep dive into the ideas of the client and carefully analyze the client's requests, website purpose, and goals.

Concept Session


This step begins with creating a  sitemap and then designing the visual layout of the website, creating the look and feel of the site

At this point, we use the information learned and gathered to create the actual site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also an important piece of this step


Testing & Delivery

We take an in depth look at the details to make sure that the site and all of its features are functioning properly. Then, the client tests and approves the website


Last, but certainly not least - It's time for the site to go live! We add the finished product to the market

Ready to Bake?

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