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The Customer

APS & Associates

APS is a full-service public affairs firm working with elected officials, corporations, non-profits, and communities to deliver positive social impact and equitable outcomes, locally and nationally.

The Recipe

In response to APS & Associates' impactful request, we devised a comprehensive strategy—The Recipe—that would encapsulate their professionalism, expertise, and mission. This strategy included:

Brand Identity Design: Creating a sophisticated brand identity that conveys APS & Associates' commitment to social impact and equity. This includes a logo that embodies trust and collaboration, a color scheme that communicates professionalism and accessibility, and typography that is clear and authoritative.

Website Design: Developing an informative, user-friendly website that highlights APS & Associates' services, success stories, and expertise in public affairs. The website features sections on case studies, client testimonials, and a blog for sharing insights on public affairs and social impact trends.

Marketing Materials: Designing cohesive marketing materials, including brochures, business cards, and digital content, that align with the new brand identity and effectively communicate APS & Associates' value proposition to potential clients and partners.

The Delivery

The Delivery phase brought APS & Associates' vision to the forefront, establishing a strong brand presence:

Brand Identity Launch: We rolled out the new brand identity across all platforms and materials, ensuring a consistent and professional image that immediately establishes APS & Associates' credibility and expertise in the public affairs sector.

Website Launch: The new website was launched with a comprehensive digital marketing campaign aimed at driving engagement from their target audiences. The site serves as a central hub for information about APS & Associates' services, successes, and insights into public affairs, enhancing their visibility and authority in the field.

Marketing Materials Distribution: Introduced the newly designed marketing materials in strategic outreach efforts to current and potential clients, reinforcing the firm's professional image and commitment to delivering positive social impact and equitable outcomes.

Ongoing Brand Management: Provided APS & Associates with ongoing support for brand management, ensuring that their brand identity remains consistent and evolves with their growing impact and achievements in the public affairs arena.
This strategic approach ensured that APS & Associates not only successfully communicated their mission and expertise but also established a strong, cohesive brand presence that resonates with their diverse clientele, positioning them as leaders in creating positive social impact and equitable outcomes through public affairs.

The Order

APS & Associates came to us with a strategic request: to develop a brand identity, website, and marketing materials that reflect their commitment to fostering positive change through public affairs. They sought to communicate their expertise in working with a diverse clientele, including elected officials, corporations, non-profits, and communities, both locally and nationally. Their goal was to establish a professional, authoritative brand presence that resonates with their target audiences and showcases their capacity to deliver impactful results.

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