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The Customer

The Chloe B Project

A nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing resources for Black families with special needs children.

The Recipe

In response to the Chloe B Project's heartfelt request, we developed a strategy—The Recipe—that would encapsulate their mission and values. This included:

Logo Design: Designing a logo that conveyed the organization's focus on hope, support, and community, incorporating elements that symbolized unity, strength, and care.

Color Palette and Typography: Selecting warm, welcoming colors that communicated compassion and understanding, paired with clear, friendly typography to make the brand accessible and inviting.

Website Design: Creating an engaging, informative website that offered easy access to resources, support networks, and educational content. The site was designed to foster a sense of community and advocacy, with features for event listings, resource directories, and platforms for sharing stories and experiences. It was also optimized for search engines to reach families seeking support.

Brand Messaging: Crafting empathetic and empowering brand messaging that spoke directly to the needs and experiences of Black families with special needs children, ensuring all communications were inclusive and supportive.

The Delivery

The Delivery phase brought the Chloe B Project's vision to life, making a tangible impact on their community:

Brand Identity Launch: We rolled out the new brand identity across all platforms, ensuring that the organization's message of hope and support was consistently communicated to engage and inspire their target audience.

Website Launch: The new website was launched with a comprehensive outreach campaign, highlighting its role as a vital resource for families. The campaign focused on driving awareness and engagement through social media, partnerships with related organizations, and community events.

Community Engagement Initiatives: Initiated programs and events that leveraged the new brand and website to foster community engagement, support, and advocacy, including workshops, support groups, and awareness campaigns.

Ongoing Support and Evaluation: Provided ongoing support to ensure the brand and website continued to meet the organization's goals and adapted to the community's evolving needs. This included regular feedback loops and analytics monitoring to measure impact and engagement.

This strategic approach ensured that the Chloe B Project not only successfully communicated its mission and values but also established a strong, supportive network for Black families with special needs children, driving awareness, resources, and advocacy to where it was needed most.

The Order

digital platform that would resonate with and support Black families with special needs children. They sought to establish a strong, compassionate brand presence that communicated hope, empowerment, and community. Their needs included a visual identity that reflected their commitment and warmth, and a website that served as a hub for resources, support, and advocacy.

Brand Brochure

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