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The Customer

Her Aura

Her Aura Clothing Co, a women's clothing company known for its trendy and stylish options celebrating women of all sizes and styles.

The Recipe

n response to Her Aura's fashionable request, we designed a strategy—The Recipe—that would drape their vision in elegance and appeal. This strategy included:

Brand Identity Design: Crafting a chic, sophisticated brand identity that captures the essence of Her Aura Clothing Co's commitment to trendy and empowering women's fashion. This includes a logo that reflects modern femininity, a color palette that speaks to their target audience's tastes, and typography that is as stylish as their clothing line.

Website Design: Creating a visually stunning, user-friendly website that showcases Her Aura's clothing collections, highlights their unique selling propositions, and includes features like lookbooks, style guides, and customer testimonials. The site is designed for easy shopping, with clear categories, a seamless checkout process, and integration with social media platforms.

Marketing Materials: Developing a suite of marketing materials, including promotional flyers, email marketing templates, and digital ads, that align with the new brand identity and effectively communicate the allure of choosing Her Aura Clothing Co for trendy wardrobe updates.

The Delivery

The Delivery phase elegantly unveiled Her Aura Clothing Co's brand, captivating their audience:

Brand Identity Launch: We rolled out the new brand identity across all platforms, ensuring a consistent and appealing image that immediately communicates Her Aura's dedication to trendy, empowering fashion.
Website Launch: The new website was launched with a comprehensive digital marketing campaign aimed at driving traffic and conversions. The site serves as the central showcase for Her Aura's collections, engaging fashion-savvy women with stunning visuals and compelling content.

Marketing Materials Distribution: Introduced the newly designed marketing materials in strategic marketing efforts, reinforcing Her Aura's position as a go-to destination for stylish, contemporary women's clothing.
Ongoing Brand and Marketing Support: Provided Her Aura Clothing Co with ongoing support to refine their brand and marketing strategies based on market trends and customer feedback, ensuring the brand continues to thrive and resonate with their target audience.

This tailored approach ensured that Her Aura Clothing Co not only successfully communicated its brand ethos of trendy and empowering fashion but also established a strong, recognizable brand presence that appeals to modern women, setting them apart as a leader in the fashion industry.

The Order

Her Aura Clothing Co approached us with a stylish request: to develop a brand identity, website, and marketing materials that mirror the trendy, empowering essence of their clothing line. They aimed to create a brand presence that not only showcases their fashion-forward pieces but also resonates with modern women looking for style, confidence, and individuality in their wardrobes. Their need was for a cohesive, visually appealing brand image that appeals to their target demographic and sets them apart in the competitive fashion industry.

Color Palette

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