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The Customer

Larose & Co.

For Larose & Co, a brand that celebrates kids' culture through parent-and-me apparel and children's books.

The Recipe

In response to Larose & Co's colorful request, we whipped up a strategy—The Recipe—that would bring their vision to life online. This strategy included:

Website Design: Building a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website that reflects the brand's aesthetic and values, incorporating elements that appeal to both kids and adults. The design includes interactive features such as read-along book samples and matching game quizzes that highlight their parent-and-me apparel and children's books.

Content Strategy: Developing a content strategy that includes engaging, educational blog posts and resources for parents, storytelling elements that bring the books and apparel to life, and user-generated content sections to showcase families enjoying Larose & Co products.

SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy: Crafting an SEO strategy to improve visibility and attract a targeted audience, combined with a digital marketing plan that leverages social media, email marketing, and partnerships with parenting influencers and educational platforms.
E-commerce Optimization: Ensuring the website is optimized for e-commerce, with a seamless shopping experience that makes browsing and purchasing products straightforward and enjoyable.

The Delivery

The Delivery phase launched Larose & Co into the digital world with flair and function, making a meaningful impact:

Website Launch: We unveiled the new website with a launch campaign that highlighted its unique features, such as the interactive book samples and apparel matching games, drawing in families looking for culturally enriching experiences.

Content and Marketing Rollout: Initiated the content and digital marketing strategies, publishing the first series of blog posts and launching social media campaigns that engaged parents and children, driving traffic to the website and fostering a sense of community.

E-commerce Activation: Activated the e-commerce functionality with special promotions for the launch, encouraging initial purchases and reviews, which further enhanced the site's appeal and user engagement.
Ongoing Strategy Refinement: Provided Larose & Co with ongoing support to refine their web strategy based on user feedback and analytics, ensuring the website continues to meet the needs of their growing community and evolves with their brand.

The Order

Larose & Co approached us with a vibrant request: to design a website and develop a digital strategy that encapsulates the joy, connection, and educational value of their products. They aimed to create an online space that not only showcases their apparel and books but also fosters a community of parents and children who share a love for learning and bonding over culture. Their need was for a platform that is engaging, user-friendly, and reflective of the brand's ethos of celebrating childhood and parental bonds through thoughtful, culturally rich content.


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