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The Customer

TKN Hair Care

TKN is a hair care brand specializing in hair braiding and providing nourishing hair products.

The Recipe

Responding to TKN's request, we devised a comprehensive strategy—The Recipe—to develop a brand identity and digital presence that would resonate with their target audience:

Logo Design: Creating a logo that symbolizes the artistry and precision of knotless braiding, incorporating elements that suggest natural hair care and strength.

Color Palette and Typography: Choosing warm, natural colors that evoke a sense of nurturing and growth, paired with modern, readable typography that speaks to TKN's professional yet approachable brand personality.

Website Design: Building an engaging, informative website that showcases TKN's braiding services and hair oil benefits. The site features a portfolio of styles, customer testimonials, and detailed product information, including usage tips and ingredients, optimized for SEO to reach individuals searching for natural hair care and braiding services.

Packaging Design for Hair Oil: Designing attractive, eco-friendly packaging for the hair oil that aligns with the brand's commitment to natural, effective hair care, making it appealing both online and in-store.

The Delivery

The Delivery phase brought TKN Hair Braiding and Hair Care's new brand to the forefront:

Brand Identity Launch: We introduced the new brand identity across all marketing channels, ensuring a unified look and feel that immediately communicated TKN's expertise and dedication to natural hair care.
Website Launch: The launch of the new website was accompanied by a digital marketing campaign aimed at driving traffic and engagement, highlighting the ease of booking, the breadth of braiding options, and the unique benefits of their hair oil.

Packaging Introduction: The newly designed hair oil packaging was rolled out, drawing attention to the product's natural ingredients and benefits, and creating a visual link between the product and the brand's overall aesthetic.

Ongoing Engagement: We equipped TKN with brand guidelines and continued support for maintaining their brand's integrity, as well as strategies for engaging with their audience through content marketing, social media, and community involvement.

This strategic approach ensured that TKN Hair Braiding and Hair Care not only captivated their target market with a compelling brand story and visual identity but also established a solid foundation for growth, emphasizing their unique position in the market as experts in knotless braids and natural hair care.

The Order

TKN Hair Braiding and Hair Care approached us with the goal of establishing a strong brand identity that reflects their expertise in knotless braids and their commitment to hair health through their signature hair oil. They wanted to attract a broader clientele who values expert braiding techniques and natural hair care solutions. Their request was for a cohesive brand and online presence that communicated the quality, care, and innovation behind their services and products.

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